At the risk of being accused of showing too many baby pictures, here are a variety of photos of the garden. I started the garden from a parking lot and road, working with hard packed slate, so I am particularly proud of the blooming garden of eden it has become.

Many people return to Bear River each year now, just to see the garden, so this is a small way of letting you know what you are missing in 3-D

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art in the garden

I haven’t been adding to this blog thing because I have been too busy in the garden. From mid-March to late October, it is a challenge to do anything else but go out and commune with the growing things.

Quite frankly, I live in a paradise, overlooking a tidal river that rises and falls 25 feet, twice daily.

When I bought this property (more on the building later) I had a barren wasteland of a slate-packed road and parking lot to work with. Inch by inch it has been turned into a blooming oasis.low tide from upper garden
Carving out a paradise from basic rock can really suck up a lot of time and energy, which is why most of my studio time is during the winter. Because the flowers are children and I don’t want to miss any of their growing moments!

The lilies are starting to bloom and, well, I am quite partial to them so you may have a few more pics to look at before the summer is over…

June 21, 2010 oddacity designs Edit

making rooms

The garden is big: more than an acre of growing things and that’s just the flowers.  So to make it more interesting I have created rooms within the space.

Of course there has to be lots of places to sit…

and then there are areas….like behind the summer house…

and I do love those lilies….

and then there’s this birdhouse….…

July 11, 2010 oddacity designs Edit

lilies and more lilies


So, I admit I am mad about lilies; maybe it has something to do with that biblical reference; behold the lilies of the field…. anyway, you will see a lot of lilies on this page as they are at last taking over my garden.

killer day lilies

These I planted 2 years ago and this is their first blooming…worth the wait!

a brief moment in the sun

the first red cluster

what’s better than sunlight on roses?

the pink roses greet you as you walk through the gate