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One of the fall-outs of the age of feminism,  is, alas, the hat.  For centuries women proudly wore things on their head: from the most basic, to the most ridiculous.   And they wore them proudly.  Wearing hats is fun.  It makes you feel good.  Fortunately there are still a lot of women who love to wear hats.  Those who don’t just admire from a distance, and say..”I wish I could wear hats”.

Yes, it does take self esteem and self confidence to wear a hat.  But wait!  Oddacity Designs makes clothes for women of that ilk….so of course hats are a big part of what it is.  And proudly, two academy award winning actresses an two grammy award winners have indulged in an Oddacity hat ( or two or three)

I have been making hats from the beginning and still love doing them: each one is special.  When you wear one, you can’t help but feel good.  So here are some of the special ones that have gone out to see the world.




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some examples of what I do…

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