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The Luddite Succombs

I have always resisted doing online sales because of the enormous amount of time that it would take away from creating, and because I like having women interact with the items in the flesh.  However, the world just isn’t like that anymore, and it is unfair to all the women who can’t visit me at the shop or the show.

So here you have it..the Oddacity designs etsy shop….ta da!

Go to the page  The ETSY shop:Oddacity  goes online for sales  to see a few of the items you can own.


And now that I am stuffed to the gills with all the collections I have accumulated, I am gradually going to start liquidating.  Did you note the word “gradually”?  So now there is another etsy shop and here is the link..

New Work

This past year, I was involved in planning a co-ownership of a gallery in Florence Italy.  While in the end, that didn’t work out, the good news is that I pushed myself to new heights of glory in my creativity and the reward is in the work.

So here are some pics of the new ideas and more will be added soon.  In the near future I will be opening an etsy site to sell these things, so stay tuned.

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One of the fall-outs of the age of feminism,  is, alas, the hat.  For centuries women proudly wore things on their head: from the most basic, to the most ridiculous.   And they wore them proudly.  Wearing hats is fun.  It makes you feel good.  Fortunately there are still a lot of women who love to wear hats.  Those who don’t just admire from a distance, and say..”I wish I could wear hats”.

Yes, it does take self esteem and self confidence to wear a hat.  But wait!  Oddacity Designs makes clothes for women of that ilk….so of course hats are a big part of what it is.  And proudly, two academy award winning actresses an two grammy award winners have indulged in an Oddacity hat ( or two or three)

I have been making hats from the beginning and still love doing them: each one is special.  When you wear one, you can’t help but feel good.  So here are some of the special ones that have gone out to see the world.




The HOLE Cloth

I have been intrigued by circles; the ancient Greeks believed they were the most perfect shape…finding new ways to use circles in fabric art can be challenging. Here’s the latest idea to run amok!

the Holey Scarf

Using my hand-painted kimono silk, I
removed the circles and replaced them with silk chiffon as a reverse applique, then fused contrasting silk “donuts around the hole on the surface. Then fre

an eye for detail

sometimes you need to get up close and personal…

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journal cover pieced with free motion embroidery and applique, Photo transfer on cotto

It’s not easy having this much fun!

all over the map…

I never do the same thing twice…..

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in a nutshell

some examples of what I do…

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